Sunday Spotlight: Marisa & Lily!

If you think we have girl crushes on the ladies behind animal rescue and advocacy nonprofit Mr. Bones & Co., you wouldn’t be wrong! We’re thrilled to spotlight this amazing organization’s co-executive director Marisa Grimshaw today.

Marisa is one of those people who checks every box on the “really good person” list. She is smart, talented, driven, always put together and she’s one of those people who makes you realize how much power you, even as an individual, have. What strikes us most about Marisa is how she always goes out of her way to be compassionate to people and animals who just need a hand in getting back up on their feet.

Without further ado, read on for our latest Sunday Spotlight!

bk&leo: What do you do for a living?
Marisa: I am a fashion publicist. I went out on my own a little over a year ago, and have been consulting for clients on the PR and communications side.

bk&leo: What’s your role with Mr. Bones & Co.?
Marisa: I am co-executive director, and have been running the nonprofit alongside Elli Frank since the launch of Mr. Bones & Co. and Rescue the Runway. I’m able to tap my PR experience and contacts to help promote Rescue the Runway and increase visibility for our events.

bk&leo: Knowing about the difficult animal cruelty cases that you deal with all too often, what do you think we, as individuals, can do to help combat this epidemic?
Marisa: I think it all centers around awareness, advocacy and education about animals and rescue in general. If people take the time to really be aware of what’s happening in their own backyard or neighborhood, and take notice if you see something that doesn’t look right – an animal that looks unhealthy or neglected – we urge people to speak up. The only way our voices are heard is if we use them; we can’t turn a blind eye.

It is also incredibly important to educate our children about the proper ways to treat animals or interact with them. We have to do our best to educate our community and children and show them how animals deserve compassion the way that humans do.

This is relevant for everyone in our community, you don’t have to be a dog lover. Statistics show that animal abuse often escalates to abuse of children and adults. What isn’t relevant to you one day, could very well be later on. So at the end of the day, be aware of what’s going on and speak up, call 311 or 911 or the ASPCA. Speaking as a community strengthens our voices collectively, and helps us push for stronger law enforcement and for issues to be properly addressed.

bk&leo: What’s your best rescue moment?
Marisa: There are several “bests!” My best personally was when we pulled Lily, my rescue pup. She was the second dog we pulled into our One Lucky Pup program. I had been fostering dogs for a long time and love each one, but I hadn’t come across the right dog or the right time to adopt. We heard about a puppy who was found abandoned in New Britain, CT, tied up in a playground, and agreed to take her into our program. The minute we met, I felt like I’d found my “soul dog.” To me, she was and still is just perfect!

Photo Credit: Sophie Gamand Photography

bk&leo: How did you decide to officially adopt her?
Marisa: When we took her into our program, she was in rough shape with skin and staph infections, kennel cough and more, but was still so sweet and adorable. We spent her first weekend at Elli’s “puppy farm” upstate, and I took her in as a foster immediately following that and just fell in love with her. There was something so special about her, and she had all the characteristics I was looking for in a dog. When she was ready for adoption, I found myself rejecting good applications for her. During home visits, I would start crying at the thought of someone else having her. After a few weeks of fostering, I made the decision to adopt her and it is the best decision I have ever made!

bk&leo: How would you describe your personal style?
Marisa: I like to be comfortable and casual and still put together – after ten years of doing denim PR, you’ll almost always find me in jeans. I like to mix it up with feminine high and low pieces.

bk&leo: What’s your favorite piece of bk&leo jewelry?
Marisa: I love my Andare infinity ring, it’s one of my favorite accessories. I also really love the Firestarter snake ring, I think it’s so fun and edgy!

bk&leo: Our name stands for be kind and love each other. What does that phrase mean to you?
Marisa: It’s about being compassionate and caring to those around you, whether it’s people or animals. It can be finding simple ways to be compassionate; giving back and helping somebody in need. It doesn’t have to be grand gesture… it’s the thought that counts, and finding a way to help that you’re comfortable with, like volunteering.

bk&leo: Wild card question: tell us something we don’t know!
Marisa: Everyone makes fun of me for this and it might be unexpected, but I’m obsessed with Lifetime and Hallmark Channel movies. I’m gearing up for the Valentine’s Day movie marathon and I can’t wait!

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