A custom snake engagement ring

Exciting news… the first-ever bk&leo engagement ring is in the wild! And we mean “in the wild” literally – it’s a snake ring!

The back story: we were introduced to Eric who was searching for a custom ring for his fiancée-to-be Taleen, who has wanted a snake engagement ring since she was very young. They were looking for a ring that was super delicate and dainty, yet obviously a snake, and one with a prominent center diamond.

The design process was very easy and first Eric selected the diamond, then we got to work on carving the snake base. (On the diamond cut, the couple was interested in either a round brilliant which is the most classic, popular cut or a marquise, which is one of the most uncommon cuts! Once we sketched out the ring the marquise was the clear choice and we were really happy with the cut since it has a bit of a snake eye feel, and it contributed to the overall unique design of this piece.) Taleen wanted the snake’s eyes to not contrast too much with the yellow gold as it would detract from the center stone, so we used chocolate diamonds.

We were curious about the history of snake jewelry so we did a little research! Snakes have been held in high regard for thousands of years and have symbolized something in almost every culture and religion on Earth; epitomizing power, rebirth, femininity and everlasting love. Since a snake sheds its skin, they have historically been seen as symbols of regeneration, rebirth or transformation. The ouroboros (a snake biting its own tail) is a symbol of eternity. With regards to engagement jewelry, in 1839 Queen Victoria was given a gold serpent engagement ring. In the Victorian era, snakes were often used as symbols of eternal love.

We adored working with this awesome couple and the bride-to-be is now rocking her one-of-a-kind engagement ring! The couple got engaged on a recent trip to Tuscany, Italy. If their engagement ring style is this cool, we can’t WAIT to see what their wedding will look like!!!