Let’s all do a *slow-clap* for Tim because he is a man who is not afraid to rock a little bling on his ring finger! (Nothing wrong with a simple band, but a little ice never hurt anyone, if you ask us!)

Tim and Joanna had a beautiful, rustic wedding at Grace Winery at Sweetwater Farms outside of Philadelphia. (If you ever have the opportunity to stay at this amazing bed & breakfast, DO IT!) We’ll let the photos speak for themselves, but we consider ourselves so lucky to have been able to contribute to such a gorgeous event.

We showed Tim a few different wedding band styles and he picked a white gold, brushed band channel set with black diamonds.

For an extra personal touch, we added a small ruby inside the ring, as a nod to the bride’s July birthday. It’s also been said that having a ruby touching your skin at all times is good luck. So here’s to luck, happiness, health and all the love in the world for Tim and Joanna!

With every ring must come an adorable ring bearer, and did this little boy deliver! Special thanks to Nathan for sharing his Buzz Lightyear and Woody toys which doubled as photo props to showcase the rings.